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Lessons I’m learning while writing my novel: In order for the love interest to be a legitimate option for the protagonist and justify a true “love story” they must do something extraordinary for them. Then, and only then, does “falling in love” make sense. If only this were true in real life.

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Friends that are “fun” and call you “pretty” are great, and you should have plenty, but make sure that you have at least one friend that gives you advice and comforts you; and changes how you see the world.
Corey Saucier

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Peculiar Bodies

All of my fellow fellows have flown away, and I am left with a fine glittering mist of inspiration and the bright blue memory that God lives in peculiar queer bodies that dance beyond gender and identity. And even though they are gone, like Noah set to sea collecting poems and parables two by two, I am not alone. 

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You must always remember that everyone is as broken as you are; and if you do not think that you are broken, then you are far more broken than the rest of us.
Corey Saucier: Clover

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Brave New World

I’m back in magazines! I was a columnist for HIV Plus Magazine a few years ago, and it was one of the joys of my life to be able to share and inspire a little piece of the world. And I now have that opportunity again! A&U Magazine is a brilliant literary magazine that deals with HIV and Culture, and I have followed them for years. I submitted a piece to them a few months ago about dating and serodiscordanacy and they invited me to be a regular contributor… and I am soooo Proud! make sure to check in on the website regularly, and to pick up the magazine where you find it. My column is called “Brave New World!” Let me know what you think!

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X-men throughout the Media: Storm

Storm in cartoons:
Storm in movies:
Hi, I am supporting cast for Wolverine. I am also Halle Berry for reasons.
Storm in comics:
African goddess. Headmistress. Wakandan Queen. Pansexual icon. I AM STORM, MISTRESS OF THE ELEMENTS. YOU ARE NOTHING!

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The way that you know that the soul is real, is that some souls sit deeper in their bodies than others. And some souls haven’t even figured out how to swivel their hips.
Corey Saucier

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